Tony de Leede, renowned wellness entrepreneur, is set to make waves in the world of coworking with the grand opening of Wello Works in Rosebery, Sydney, Australia on March 11 and Sandy Springs, Atlanta USA on April 15.

This groundbreaking space introduces a dual-concept approach, seamlessly integrating coworking and wellness under one roof.

Wello Works comprises two distinct spaces – Wello Coworking and the Wello Collective – each designed to cater to the diverse needs of today's consumer.


The Wello

A key component of Wello Works is the introduction of a new concept - ‘The Wello’. An evolution from the traditional "smoko" – a smoking break at work, the innovative "wello" is a wellness break designed to foster a healthier and more balanced workplace.

Recognising the changing landscape of workplace culture and the increasing emphasis on wellness, Wello Works is taking a bold step forward by redefining the concept of breaks during the workday. The transition from smoko to wello reflects a commitment to offering an environment that actively promotes movement, mindfulness, holistic health and well-being.


Wello Collective

Housing state-of-the-art wellness amenities, the Wello Collective includes an array of premium offerings including HydroMassage, LED Light Therapy Bed, Relax Meditation Pods, Infrared Sauna with Salt Bricks, CryoLounge - Cold / Hot Therapy and Somadome deep meditation.

 Sessions range from 10 to 20 minutes and the Wello Collective is independent from Coworking (Coworking membership is not required)


Wello Coworking

Offering a variety of workstations, private offices, and meeting rooms, Wello Coworking provides a versatile environment for individuals and teams.

 Located within the coworking space is the wellness lounge featuring lounge style seating and a relaxed atmosphere. The wellness lounge houses core wellness offerings which include O2 Breathing and Meditation Chairs, Recovery Massage Chairs, Zen Immersive Room and Virtual Movement Studio.


Wello Works Rosbery

Invites the local community, businesses, and media representatives to the Open Weekend taking place from March 8 to 10 at 74 Mentmore Ave Rosebery.

Attendees will have the opportunity to explore both the Coworking and Wellness spaces, meet the team, and discover how Wello Works is redefining the way we work and prioritise well-being.

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Andrew Anderson