Sydney (Rosebery) February 2024 – In a groundbreaking shift towards prioritising

employee wellbeing, Wello Works proudly announces the evolution from the traditional "smoko" – a smoking break at work –

to the innovative "wello" – a wellness break designed to foster a healthier and more balanced workplace.


Recognising the changing landscape of workplace culture and the increasing emphasis on employee wellness and mental health, Wello Works is taking a bold step forward by redefining the concept of breaks during the workday. The transition from smoko to wello reflects a commitment to creating an environment that not only accommodates diverse lifestyles but also actively promotes holistic health and wellbeing.


The wello break encourages employees to engage in activities that contribute to their mental, physical, and emotional wellness. Whether it's a brief meditation session, stretching exercises, or a leisurely walk outdoors, the wello break is designed to provide individuals with the opportunity to recharge and refresh, ultimately enhancing productivity and job satisfaction.

Wello Works believes that fostering a culture of wellness is not just a corporate responsibility but a strategic investment in the success and longevity of a workforce. The wello initiative aligns with the company's core values, placing coworker health and happiness at the forefront of its organisational priorities.

"We are excited to introduce the wello break as a progressive step in prioritising the wellbeing of our coworkers. This evolution from smoko to wello reflects our commitment to creating a workplace that supports a healthy work-life balance and empowers individuals to thrive both personally and professionally," said Tony de Leede, founder of Wello Works.

To facilitate the wello, Wello Works will provide resources and guidelines for coworkers to make the most of their wello breaks, offering suggestions for wellness activities and creating designated spaces within the workplace to encourage participation.

The company anticipates that this innovative approach to breaks will not only enhance coworker satisfaction and retention but will also contribute to a positive culture that values and supports the overall health of its members.


As Wello Works pioneers the transformation from smoko to wello, it sets a precedent for other organisations to embrace progressive wellness initiatives, fostering a healthier and more productive workforce for the future.


About Wello Works: Wello Works is a Coworking space as well as a state-of-the-art wellness centre. With a dedication to innovation and wellbeing, Wello Works continues to redefine coworking and wellness.


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Andrew Anderson