CryoLounge -
Cold Therapy

The CryoLounge - Cold/Hot Therapy is an advanced recovery chair with complimentary cold and hot zones. Cold is applied to target soreness or minor aches and pains, while heat is applied in other areas of the body for a comfortable experience.


  • Improve Performance
  • Stress Release
  • Increase Focus & Productivity
  • Mental Recovery
  • Improve Heart Function
  • Reduce Blood Pressure


  • The CryoLounge features 6 treatment zones to target key muscle groups

  • Cold temperature range is 28-40 degrees F and hot range is 95-115 degrees F

  • The pod also includes lower leg compression with variable intensity


Included with each of our Wello Collective sessions you also get 30 minutes access to our beautiful Wello Lounge which includes the use of our 02 Breathing Chair, Recovery Massage Chair, Private Zen Immersive Room, Virtual Movement studio  plus premium coffee and sparkling water. 

Collective Trial

$15 (Incl. GST)

Single Session

$25 (Incl. GST)

5 Pack Pass

$115 (Incl. GST)

10 Pack Pass

$199 (Incl. GST)