About Us

About Wello Works

Wello Works has been designed to focus on a holistic approach to work, life, and well-being.

Inside the doors you’ll discover an open plan coworking office in one area and a state-of-the-art wellness centre in another. 

The Wello Collective is home to our premium wellness amenities and Coworking is where you’ll find a range of flexible work environments and wellness offerings in the Wello Lounge.

Wello Coworking

Our innovative Coworking space supports productivity by creating an environment that prioritises physical and mental health. 

Featuring a range of options including 

  • lounge memberships
  • flexi desks
  • private offices and 
  • meeting rooms 
  • + wellness amenities in the Wello Lounge

This is the work life balance you've been searching for.

Wello Lounge

The Wello Lounge is what makes Coworking so special - a full range of wellness offerings that include 

  • O2 Breathing and Meditation Chairs
  • Recovery Massage Chairs
  • Zen Immersive Room
  • Virtual Movement Studio

Wello Collective

The Wello Collective is the perfect place to elevate your wellness. Home to relaxation and rejuvenation, here you'll find an extensive array of premium offerings, including 

  • Infrared sauna with salt bricks
  • HydroMassage
  • Relax Meditation Pod
  • CryoLounge - cold/hot therapy
  • Somadome with Meditation
  • LED Light Therapy. 

Everyone is welcome to book sessions in The Wello Collective - you do not have to be a coworking member.

Tony de Leede

Wello Works was designed by Tony de Leede, widely known as the man who launched Fitness First Australia, he is also the Founder of wellness lifestyle retreats Gwinganna Gold Coast and Komune Bali

Tony has been at the forefront of the fitness and wellness industry for over 40 years.

His passion for innovation and desire to help more people improve their health and wellbeing in all areas of life, led him to create Wello Works, an innovative coworking space and state-of-the-art wellness centre under one roof. 


[ well-oh ] noun

1. A short wellness break

2. Typically a 5-10 minute wellness break designed to reset, refresh or recharge.

3. Activities may include meditation, stretching or conscious breathing.

“It’s been a busy morning, I’m going to take a quick Wello”

Synonyms: wellness break, mindful timeout