Wello Collective Offerings

The Wello Collective is the perfect place to elevate your wellness. Home to relaxation and rejuvenation, here you'll find an extensive array of premium offerings, including HydroMassage, LED Light Therapy Bed, Relax Meditation Pods, Infrared Sauna with Salt Bricks, CryoLounge cold/hot therapy and Somadome deep meditation. Everyone is welcome to book sessions in The Wello Collective - you do not have to be a coworking member.

Infrared Sauna with Salt Bricks

Increase Circulation | Detoxification | Assist with Weight Loss

The Infrared Sauna uses a unique combination of infrared heat technology and colour light therapy to restore physical and mental balance. Including Himalayan pink salt bricks which help purify the air and aids in reducing stress.

LED Light Therapy Bed

Support skin health |  anti-aging benefits |  speed up recovery

Using high-tech nanotechnology through the use of different coloured light waves which serves as a healing agent. This process accelerates healing by delivering more oxygen, nutrients, and eliminating waste matter in body tissues.

Somadome - Deep Meditation

Improve sleep | mindful relaxation | stress relief

The Somadome is your personal sanctuary, a tool for transcendence. It uses light and binaural beats for meditation that leads to deep relaxation and calm.


Relieve stiffness |  Increase circulation |  Relief of minor aches

HydroMassage is a convenient, dry, full body massage with the use of pressurised water. Simply lie down in the open design bed or lounge, fully clothed, and feel the immediate benefits of the traveling jet system, which delivers an “all sides” body massage.

Relax Meditation Pod

Reduce stress |  Enhance muscle recovery |  Promotes relaxation

Relax Pods include a 43″ display that gives members access to tranquil nature videos, guided meditation sequences and other mindfulness-focused content.

CyroLounge - Cold / Hot Therapy

Support workout recovery |  Relax sore muscles |  Relieve muscle tension

CryoLounge is an advanced recovery chair with complimentary cold and heat zones. Cold is applied to target soreness or minor aches and pains, while heat is applied in other areas of the body for a comfortable experience.

Included with each of our Wello Collective sessions you also get 30 minutes access to our beautiful Wello Lounge which includes the use of our 02 Breathing Chair, Recovery Massage Chair, Private Zen Immersive Room, Virtual Movement studio plus premium coffee and sparkling water. 

All Wello Collective sessions are 20 minutes.