By Australian Leisure Management

March 12, 2024

Fitness entrepreneur Tony de Leede has expanded the ‘wello’ concept that he has been advocating for several years with the launch of the Wello Works co-working venue in the Sydney suburb of Rosebery.

Opened yesterday and previewed at a launch event last Thursday, de Leede hopes that this first Wello Works will expand in Australia and internationally over the coming years.

With a second location to open in Atlanta, Georgia, USA next month, Wello Works links features common within coworking spaces with a series of wellness elements designed to promote a productive and restorative environment.

Recognising the demand for co-working spaces - that have expanded in the post-pandemic working environment - and also how the community has prioritised wellness over recent years, de Leede developed Wello Works as a way of integrating co-working and wellness under one roof.

The word ‘wello’ was coined by de Leede as a modern and health-oriented variation on Australia’s traditional ‘smoko’, the cigarette break people would take during their working hours.

These wellness breaks reflect Wello Works’ commitment to offering a work environment that encourages an emphasis on incorporating positive activities into the workday that prioritise self-care.

With Wello Works building on his former Club W concept, De Leede notes “the ‘wello’ is an evolution from traditional ‘smoko’, designed to promote a healthier and more balanced workplace that encompasses movement, mindfulness, wellbeing and holistic health.

“Wello Works is a bold step forward by redefining the concept of breaks during the workday. The transition from smoko to wello reflects a commitment to offering an environment that, through taking wellness breaks not only improves health but also enhances productivity.”

Within Wello Works Rosebery there are two distinct space - Wello Coworking, and Wello Collective.

Wello Coworking provides a work environment for both individuals and teams, with a versatile setup, including private offices, workstations and meeting rooms.

It features a wellness lounge, which encompasses massage chairs, O2 breathing, and meditation chairs, a virtual movement studio and a Zen Immersive Room.

The lounge is a relaxed space for both mingling with others and also for simply stepping away from the desk for a while.

Housing state-of-the-art wellness amenities, the standalone Wello Collective includes an array of premium offerings including HydroMassage, LED LightTherapy Bed, Relax Meditation Pods, Infrared Sauna with Salt Bricks, CryoLounge - Cold/Hot Therapy and Somadome deep meditation. Sessions range from 10 to 20 minutes and the Wello Collective is independent from Co-working (Co-working membership is not required).

Amenities within the Wello Collective are supplied by Forte Fitness Solutions (ForteFit) and de Leede’s own Wellness Solutions.

Offering a range of membership levels, Wello Works is located at 74 Mentmore Avenue, Rosebery with its doors open from 9am to 5pm.

Andrew Anderson